Welcome to NewPeds

NewPeds is my effort to provide selected medical information to parents of children and teens.  Reliable and useful links will be shared when they are found.  At times, a commentary will be offered when it may help you to interpret Pediatric information and recommendations from other sources.

Consumers should certainly ask about the qualifications of anyone who offers medical information.  Parents, especially, should always ask that question.  My answer is this: I have been a Pediatrician all of my professional life, from 1972 until I retired from a hands on office practice in 2010.  During that time I was a member of the staff at Children's Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.  For the past twenty years, I was a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Washington University Medical School.  My experience and observations collected over that span are considerable.  They may be useful to parents and I wanted to continue to share them.

No one person can or should be the only source of information in a medical specialty.  My comments and suggestions should be seen as only one of your resources.  The professional caring for your children should be your most valuable resource.  It is so important that she or he be in your medical decision making process.  If you bypass their advice, you may be losing a powerful resource from someone who knows you and your child.  Ultimately, you and your Pediatrician or Nurse Practitioner or Family Practice Physician should decide what to do.  My purpose is not to change or replace that special, invaluable relationship.

Look around the web site to get an idea of what is available here.  I hope that you find this site to be helpful and interesting.  You suggestions and questions and comments are always welcome. 

            W. Gary Sherman, M.D.
                 July 12, 2011