6 to 9 Months

Looks to family member when named

Begins to understand words and picture names

Understands basic concepts such as "no," "all gone," "bye-bye"

Babbles, strings of syllables with intonation (canonical babbling)

Uses "mama, " dada" non-specifically

9 to 12 Months

Understands verbal cues for practiced routines (e.g. "peek-a-boo")

Recognizes words for common items

Responds to simple requests ("come here," "give me")

Looks when name is called

Receptive vocabulary by 12 months: 70 words

Uses "mama," "dada", specifically

Points with index finger

Gestures to communicate (reaches to be picked up, waves bye)

Imitates speech sounds

Uses 1 or 2 true words

12 to 15 months

Follows one-step direction

Shakes or nods head appropriately

Points to body part when named (15 months)

Rapidly increases receptive vocabulary

Jargoning with tone and rhythm of speech

Use of 3 to 6 words

15 to 18 months

Understands simple pronouns ("you," "me")

Points to objects/pictures (18 months)

Recognizes common objects by name

Repeats words

Says "no"

Uses 5 to 50 words mixed with jargon

Uses words for wants/needs

Learns new words weekly


18 to 24 Months

Follows two-step directions

Enjoys simple stories, being read to

Experiences a language "explosion," learning new words daily

Uses two-word phrases/telegraphic speech

Begins to use simple pronouncs

Has an average vocabulary of 200+_ words by 2 years

Speech 50 % intelligible by 2 years

24 to 30 Months

Understands pronouns ("You," "me," "my," "mine")

Identifies objects by use

Has decreased jargon and repeating

Commonly uses 2-to-3 word sentences

Increasingly uses pronouns; some adjectives, adverbs, prepositions

Asks simple questions

Joins songs/nursery rhymes

30 to 36 Months

Follows 2 to 3- step directions

Understands most common objects and pictures

Able to point to different actions in pictures

Identifies several colors

Answers questions

Helps to tell simple story

Average vocabulary 900 to 1,000 words

Uses 4- to 5-word sentences by 3 years

Speech 75% intelligible by 3 years

36 to 48 Months

Listens with interest to conversations, longer stories

Points to object by category

Understands concepts of relative amount/size

Understands past tense

Uses irregular past tense, future tense

Tells longer stories, staying on topic

Can rhyme words and use some letters and numbers.